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Jalal Sons (JS) was established in 1900s by Muhammad Alaf Khan, the father of Jalal A. Khan and Sohail A. Khan. Jalal Sons started from Ghumti market and then shifted to Main Market in 1958. JS started as a small grocery store that was renowned for selling authentic high quality products. In the 1990s and early 2000s, Jalal Sons started innovating in the bakery sector. Between 2008-2010, Jalal Sons was the first bakery to introduce live baking in shops which completely revolutionised the bakery sector in Pakistan. Food items such as patties, french hearts and cookies were baked right in front of customers. Progressing from this, JS introduced a live kitchen doing the same with Pizzas, Burgers, Sandwiches among many other things.This completely changed the way people traditionally saw bakeries in Pakistan, with JS leading the bakery sector by example. At the same time, Jalal Sons’ high quality breads and bakery items won a loyal following due to consistent premium quality and a focus on freshness. Our love for food can be seen in everything we do from our cakes and breads to pizzas and sandwiches. As of today, thousands of customers rely on us daily to provide them with high quality bakery and grocery products. When you shop at Jalal Sons, you know you’re getting the best quality products. All our food products are personally tested and consumed frequently by company management. We ensure the highest standards of hygiene and quality of ingredients. Our aim is never compromise on quality for the sake of cutting costs.

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